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Welcome to RevMedia!  We are a new company where the name says it all: a revolution in media.

Our sports coverage includes shows and podcasts dedicated to what we expect the future of sports to be.

Through analytics and scouting we evaluate which players will become headline-grabbers, or the next big issues sports must confront.

While we currently concentrate on basketball, we feel this sport best represents the entire athletic landscape.


Edward Egros

Edward Egros

Edward took over as CEO in April of 2019.  Previously, he worked as a broadcaster at various local television stations across the country for a dozen years, most notably as the Weekend Sports Anchor at Fox 4 in Dallas.  His previous stops included El Paso, TX, Paducah, KY and Huntsville, AL.

Edward is also a sports analytics enthusiast.  He’s used his own research and others in various media appearances.  Edward has also given talks and presentations across the country, notably the best practices for using quantitative tools in journalism.