Outside the Box Episodes


#15 Are the Warriors Doomed?
Game 1 of the NBA Finals went to the Toronto Raptors, and to make matters worse for the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant is still out.  Are the Dubs doomed?  NBA Video Coordinator and Scout Bryan Oringher says not so fast my friend.  
#14 Who is the Greatest of All Time?
It’s an argument that may last as long as basketball does: who is the greatest player of all time?  Michael Jordan?  LeBron James? Maybe somebody else?  No one person ever started this argument, but Johnny Carver of “Ranketology” may have popularized it.  
#13 Previewing the National Championship Either Virginia or Texas Tech will cut down the nets.  How has the Red Raiders advanced this far?  How could UVA lose in the first game last season, but make it all the way to the last game this time?  And who will win it all?  (Edward Egros, Ryan Girardot, Dan Dickey)
#12 Final Four Predictions The time has come to predict who will win this year’s Final Four and advance to the National Championship game.  (Edward Egros, Joseph Gill, Dan Dickey)
#11 The Untold Problems with “One-and-Done” The team has moved from a Minneapolis condo to the National Association of Basketball Coaches convention near the site of the Final Four.  Edward Egros chats with longtime scout Alan Branch about an ongoing controversy within basketball: “One-and-Done’s”.  Alan goes over the problems with this approach and who it’s actually hurting in the long run.
#10 Best Players in the 2019 Final Four Edward Egros welcomes data scientist Joseph Gill to the podcast, where he gives his takes as to who to watch for in this year’s Final Four.
#9 Why Isn’t Duke in the Final Four This episode begins a series coming to you from Minneapolis, MN, the site of the Final Four.  After so many accolades for the Duke Blue Devils and so many projections they own three NBA Lottery draft picks, why didn’t they make it here?  The team debates it.  (Edward Egros, Ryan Girardot, Dan Dickey)
#8 What We Learned from SXSW 2019 The team wraps up and reflects on their time at SXSW 2019 in Austin this year…and gets into a spirited debate. (Edward Egros, Dan Dickey, Ryan Girardot, Charles Gaines, Alan Branch)
#7 Draft Class Variability Which draft classes were some of the best in basketball?  Which were some of the worst?  And is there an overall uptick in talent?
#6 Is Momentum a Myth? The crew takes a swing at determining whether momentum in basketball is just a perception or a reality in this episode. What do the analytics say? Let’s find out.  (Edward Egros, Ryan Girardot, Dan Dickey, Mike Lampkin)
#5 Interview with Producer (Coach) Mike Producer Mike doubles as an AAU coach and youth mentor (on top of being a superstar producer and his day job). This episode dives into his experiences in coaching and how analytics could be of use at the lower levels of basketball competition.  (Edward Egros, Ryan Girardot, Dan Dickey, Mike Lampkin)
#4 Quantifying Coaching The team digs deep to explore methods behind quantifying the age old question of “system/coaching vs. players/talent”. (Edward Egros, Ryan Girardot, Dan Dickey, Mike Lampkin)
#3 Pace of Play The guys take a look at how international play differs from stateside basketball and why/how pace of play is driving this divergence. (Edward Egros, Ryan Girardot, Dan Dickey, Mike Lampkin)
#2 International League-to-League Comparisons The guys try to navigate the tricky world of league to league comparisons? What metrics do we use to quantify? The world may never know…or maybe you’ll know by the end of this episode. (Edward Egros, Ryan Girardot, Dan Dickey, Mike Lampkin)
#1 Luka’s NBA Transition In the first episode, Edward Egros, Ryan Girardot, Dan Dickey and Producer Mike tackle a question the analytics community will soon have an answer to: How will Luka Doncic’s game transition from the highest levels of European basketball to the NBA? The crew focuses on how the analytics tell us this transition will might occur in a very real-world example of the power of analytics.