Outside the Box

Welcome to “Outside the Box”, a podcast dedicated to basketball analytics.  Here, we explore some of the big questions within the sport and explain how the numbers illuminate these answers.


About Us

Host Edward Egros (@EdWithSports) has been a broadcaster for more than a dozen years, most recently as the Weekend Sports Anchor with Fox 4 in Dallas primarily covering the Dallas Cowboys.  He’s also spent time covering college football in Alabama, college basketball in Kentucky and major boxing and high school sports in El Paso, TX.

He is currently the CEO of RevMedia and also an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University, teaching sports analytics and sport communication.  He’s also given talks across the country concerning his research into sports analytics and communication.

Host Ryan Girardot (@EPlayRyan) has been in sports administration for nearly half of his life, founded the Shamrock Basketball Association (SBA), moving from his driveway up to operating in 10 of state’s top markets simultaneously, until its 2011 acquisition by Chicago-based Sports Monster Corporation. There, he acted as National Basketball Director and National Business Development Director.

Since then, he’s co-founded EPLAY, Inc., where he is the CEO. EPLAY is on a global mission to build a database of validated basketball statistics it curates, distributes, and analyzes to level the competitive playing field. More about Ryan and EPLAY at EPLAY.us.

Contributor Dan Dickey (@Hoops_Nerdis an Arizona alum who’s passionate about basketball. Through his Hoops Nerd blog he’s been providing detailed projections and analysis of players and prospects for over 15 years – with great results.

His experience includes, among many other things, time spent working on retainer as a draft analysis consultant for an NBA team. He recently joined the EPLAY team to oversee its E-Score and ProViews projects.